Natural Gas in Walker, MN

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March 5, 2022


Dear Walker Area Resident,


Paul Bunyan Natural Gas is pleased to announce that we are planning to expand our natural gas distribution system in your area during the summer of 2022. Construction is scheduled to begin as soon as weather permits our contractors to operate.


This summer’s focus will be to expand services to residents and businesses in proximity to distribution lines we installed last summer. The areas include the City of Walker, areas north of Walker to Wedgewood Road NW and areas south and east of Walker to Northern Lights Casino.  If you are receiving this letter it is because our information indicates that you are in the intended area to receive service from Paul Bunyan Natural Gas this summer.


We’re asking you to join the multitude of current Minnesota natural gas customers and to begin enjoying the benefits of natural gas service.  These benefits include paying for your energy after you use it (no energy inventory required), enjoying the historic lower volatility of natural gas prices as compared to the delivered fuels, no run-outs due to delivery mis-scheduling and, finally, significant cost savings over most other energy alternatives.


Since construction will be starting soon, and if you are interested in converting to natural gas, we encourage you to consider putting your current propane delivery on WILL CALL. This will allow your tank to be at a lower percentage when conversion is done, and therefore avoid any additional pump-off fees at the time the propane tank is removed. Tanks need to be below 5% in order to be transported on roadways. 


We have enclosed a customer application, hook up process, and cost comparison for your convenience.  If you would like to start enjoying the benefits of natural gas, please complete this application and either mail it to our office or bring it to our office at your earliest convenience. In order to use natural gas in your home or business you will have to contact and contract with your preferred heating contractor for the conversion of your gas appliances.


Please feel free to call our office at (218) 547-4607 with any questions you may have.



Thank You,



Board of Directors

Paul Bunyan Natural Gas